Wednesday 3rd - 7th                                Booked

Wednesday 10th - 14th                            Booked

Thursday 18th - 22nd                              Booked

Wednesday 24th - 28th                          Booked


Thursday 1st - 5th                                     Booked

Thursday 8th - 12th                                  Booked

Wednesday 14th - 18th                            Booked

Wednesday 21st - 25th                             Open

Wednesday 28th - December 2nd         Open

2018  Calendar


Wednesday 4th - 8th                                    Open

Wednesday 12th - 16th                             Booked

Wednesday 18th - 22nd                           Booked

Wednesday 25th - 29th                            Booked


​Wednesday 2nd - 6th                                   Open

Wednesday 9th - 13th                                  Open

Wednesday 16th - 20th                            Booked      Wednesday 23rd - 27th                               Open

Wednesday 30th - June 3rd                    Booked


Wednesday June 6th - 10th                     Open

Wednesday 12th - 17th                             Booked

Wednesday 21th - 27th                             Booked

​Thursday 28th - July 2nd                        Booked 


Wednesday 4th - 8th                                   Open

Thursday 12th - 16th                                 Booked

Wednesday 18th - 23rd                            Booked

Thursday 26th - 30th                               Booked


Wednesday 1st - 5th                                     Open

Wednesday 8th - 12th                                  Open 

Tuesday 14th - 20th                                  Booked

Wednesday 22nd - 26th                            Booked

Wednesday 29th - September 2nd          Open


Wednesday 5th - 9th                                  Booked

Wednesday 12th - 16th                               Open

Wednesday 19th - 23rd                            Booked

Wednesday 26th - 30th                            Booked


FIVE Days and FOUR nights



All stays are 5 days and 4 nights or longer if available and higher rate would apply for extra nights, check in on Wednesday afternoon and check out on Sunday by Noon for example.



Flat rate of $1,100 per weekend Includes taxes, up to 11 people. 

 A $500 deposit is due when you book your stay, the remainder is due when you arrive.


Please send a check or money order to:

Charlie Odegaard@

2109 N 4th St - Ste. #3

Flagstaff AZ 86004

928 853 2262